A few extracts of what our clients say ........

........ about our training programmes in Hong Kong

"I cannot wait to tell you what you have done yesterday! You probably have saved some stranded starfish."

"I was impressed with what Dr. Timothy Leung said that we have 1,200 marbles in the Corporation, and it surely would have effect on the culture, performance and in every aspect........ at least we know we are the ones."

........ about our training programmes in China

"My colleagues and I got a lively training which gave us many illustrations of our daily work. As for myself, your training seems a mirror which reflects many shortages in my manner which I need to improve in the future. It is really very useful for me both in my work and my personal life."

"I learned a lot from the lecture given by Doctor Leung. The team work and communication impressed me mostly. I know how to work with my colleagues better in the future. I greatly appreciate your help and hope to learn from you in the future."

"It was indeed a wonderful training! Personally I have not enjoyed such a fun and thoughtful training for a long time. We all appreciated your effort and strategy to make us laughing and "fighting" so hard with each other. We learned a lot! :)"

........ about our parenting programmes

"自從兩年前有機會參加了一個家長會以後,有幸認識到梁博士,開始認識到原來我們 自以為是的「教仔」與「愛鍚」方法都是錯的,還有因此引發的負面後果。自此之後,從梁博士的課程媥Й|了很多與孩子相處的方法及 正確的態度,而最重要的是在這過程中清晰地找到了親子的方向,與孩子擁有親密的關係.雖然還會出現一些枝節,但並不影響已建立了 鞏固的概念。認識到梁博士,得著的不只是我個人,還有我的下一代。在此感謝梁博士在親子工作上的付出,有機會受惠是我的幸運。"

"“Love” is an art. Your “love” can be a devil to your kids unless you know how to express your “love” to them and ensure that the ways that you “love” them are correct. It was not until I met Dr. Leung that I was aware that I made significant mistakes in the ways that I “love” my kids. The ways that I “love” my kids were completely wrong and they were causing them severe damages, imposing heavy burden, tremendous and unreasonable pressure on them. It is a blessing that I meet Dr. Leung who gives me invaluable advice to rectify the mistakes I made and helps me to learn how to “love” my kids properly. I am grateful that my kids are recovering from the damage that I have done on them gradually and building up confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, motivation, laughers, humours and all sorts of other merits. This would not happen without Dr. Leung’s advice and assistance. I would like to say “thank you” to Dr. Leung again for inspiring me the art of “love”."

........ about Dr. Leung

From post-graduate students